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Flexible, scalable and dependable document management solutions for your business.

Our document management software can help streamline the deluge of digital, email, fax and paper documents. We can design a system to fit the needs of your organization to help you organize, share and secure the information that powers your company.


Document Management

Lower operating costs, improve efficiency and encourage collaboration with this flexible electronic document management software.


Fax Technology

Improve the efficiency of fax, paper, and electronic document processes with our reliable and secure solution that also brings significant savings.

When looking for an improved fax process for a professional work environment, take a closer look at how the products and services available through Axacore can benefit you. While fax machines have been used in office environments for several decades now, the days of needing a physical fax machine in an office are gone. Fax over IP services are now available through Axacore, and these services can provide a number of important benefits to business owners.

What a Virtual Fax Server Does

With a virtual fax server, all faxed documents are conveyed through a central server. This means that faxes are received into a centralized location, and workers can access these documents in a digital format from their work desk. Likewise, faxes are dispatched from workers through their work stations. There is no longer a need for workers to walk back and forth to a physical fax machine to see if a fax has arrived or to verify that a fax was sent.

Putting Fax Over VOIP to Work for You

Business owners and managers today are constantly striving to improve the work processes for their workers, and using fax over VOIP technology to work is a great way to accomplish this. There is a considerable amount of waste associated with traditional fax machines. For example, they may create paper documents when faxes are received, and you may prefer to have the documents in a digital format. With fax over IP, documents are sent and received in a digital format, so there is no need to waste paper or ink by printing documents unnecessarily. Because the process of sending and receiving documents is completed digitally via private work stations, workers can perform these functions more quickly and efficiently. Confirmation that faxes were successfully sent or received can be completed through individual work stations by accessing information on the virtual fax server, and this can help to ensure that faxes are not lost in transmission.

Through the use of digital fax services with faxes transmitted over VOIP, employees can work more efficiently and successfully. In some cases, it is possibly to email a file digitally, but faxing remains a popular means of conveying documents from one location to another. If you have been looking for a better way to send and receive faxes, consider how the features available through the Axacore products and services can be beneficial in a professional work environment.

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