Geckotech LLC

The Company

Founded in 2003, Geckotech LLC of Chicago, IL is a telecommunications company that offers hosted VoIP phone and Internet services. Geckotech simplifies the way businesses nationwide communicate, helping companies save time and IT resources. Providing customers with one reliable network, one point of contact, and one scalable system, all through one provider requires flexibility. Geckotech takes a proactive approach in being that one solution to all their customers’ needs.

The Challenge

Geckotech’s ability to provide quality service is largely due to their dependable product line. As Geckotech continues to develop, they need to be confident that their products are scalable. They need to ensure their customers can comfortably grow with Geckotech as their service provider. As a carrier, they also need vendors they can rely on for support.

When demand for fax services grew in early 2009, Geckotech needed to examine the scalability of their current fax solution. Due to their present fax product having restricted functionality and capacity, they began shopping for a more solid fax solution with unlimited user licensing and optimal customer support.

The Solution

Geckotech took the time to review the configuration of several fax solutions. They found that Axacore’s FaxAgent outranked them all. According to Jesse Howard, Geckotech VoIP Engineer, “no other product directly met our needs of scalability and efficiency.”

Axacore’s high production standards provide full-functioning, low-powered, stackable appliances. From the start, Howard was put in direct contact with the Axacore product engineers who outlined all the available integrations. Howard was, “impressed with Axacore’s patience and flexibility as [he] became familiar with FaxAgent’s many features.” Howards also recalls how Axacore, “eagerly found ways to meet our needs while giving us several solution options.”

The Results

Howard describes the result of working with Axacore as both simple and fluid. “Axacore presented a solid platform, and a solid product is what we got.”

FaxAgent’s customizable configuration allows service providers to easily brand and configure the product at the point of installation. Having all the desired features built-in with an intuitive interface helps service providers, like Geckotech, to reduce support calls and customer questions. FaxAgent’s turnkey design allows service providers to bundle fax with other popular features, allowing them to offer an integrated and full featured service.

Geckotech will continue to develop their voice, data, and internet services knowing FaxAgent has the support and scalability to grow with them.

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Axacore is a core technology provider of faxing and document imaging solutions. Axacore develops solutions that help organizations streamline paper-intensive business processes and automate the flow of documents to team members, customers, partners and vendors. For more information, please visit us at or 1.858.427.4301.