The Company

Founded in 1924 and headquartered in Tampa, Florida – Masonite is the undisputed leader in interior doors. Masonite is known worldwide for their innovation, quality products, exceptional customer service and a commitment to excellence. Employing over eleven thousand people worldwide, Masonite is constantly looking to improve processes, technologies, materials and designs to maintain and grow their successful business.

Masonite continuously works with their suppliers, customers and employees to raise their environmental and safety standards while building value. Their employees believe a healthy environment and a healthy business go hand in hand. Averaging upwards of 7,000 faxes a day, Masonite saw the value in many different aspects that a fax server would bring to their company.

The Challenge

Masonite has a structured manufacturing and sales process that keeps both their customers and vendors informed on the progress of orders and supplies on delivery and payment transactions. They utilize fax in many steps of their sales process to keep things running smoothly. Faxing is used for ordering, billing, delivery notifications, EDI transactions, purchasing, expense reports, and more. Masonite calculated that there are 12 pieces of paper for every door manufactured.

To successfully manage the high volume of faxes, Masonite first tried two other solutions before coming to Axacore. They first chose a large enterprise fax solution, which they found to be costly and required dedicated staff to maintain. Masonite then used the Verizon service. Verizon decided to discontinue their fax service with just a month’s warning, so Masonite needed to find another solution- and fast.

The Solution

When looking for a replacement, Masonite knew that they wanted a complete fax solution to ensure a quick deployment and easy on-going maintenance. Vince Inman, Senior Systems Engineer, was given the task to find an affordable and reliable solution. Vince found Axacore’s FaxAgent appliance.

After discussions regarding their needs and infrastructure, Masonite found that Axacore’s FaxAgent fax server would do exactly what they were looking for. There were over 900 fax machines that would be able to be replaced with FaxAgent to eliminate those support and consumable costs, as well as saving paper to stay green.

Working closely with Axacore’s implementation team, Masonite was able to purchase, receive, and configure the FaxAgent appliance in a matter of weeks to ensure no disruption of service.

The Results

With a successful installation and transition over to FaxAgent, what was the final result? Masonite is now saving an average of $1000 a day with an outstanding fax transmission success rate to keep their business running smoothly. Masonite reached their ROI in just two weeks with FaxAgent.

“The value it provides far exceeds the price you pay” Inman stated. “Management is thrilled with the product because it saves them so much money and it is effective in what it does. We have reduced our costs associated with faxing by $75k in the four months since we turned on the appliance.”

For More Information

Axacore is a core technology provider of faxing and document imaging solutions. Axacore develops solutions that help organizations streamline paper-intensive business processes and automate the flow of documents to team members, customers, partners and vendors. For more information, please visit us at or 1.858.427.4301.