Fairway Independent Mortgage


Fairway Independent Mortgage is a mortgage banker headquartered in Madison, WI with 80 branches in 30 states. With such a large footprint, a huge priority of Fairway Independent is to ensure that each branch location provides the “Fairway Experience.” They pride themselves on delivering quick turnaround times on all company procedures while maintaining strong customer relationships. Upholding these standards requires continuous communication between Fairway’s branches and corporate offices.


Fairway Independent’s VP of IT Software Applications, Brad DeBroux, notes another priority of Fairway’s; “staying up to speed with the constant fluctuations and regulations of the mortgage industry.” When the life cycle of a loan application can run anywhere between 2-45 days, efficiently processing documents is crucial along with meeting compliances. Fairway upheld security with paperless operations for several years, but according to DeBroux, “the software used in one location was not always 100% compatible with software used in another.”

With branches spread all over the country, sending and retrieving documents from their underwriters to operations offices, along with the added inconvenience of document conversion, was consuming a lot of time and resources.


Fairway’s loan origination software had electronic document storage built in, but what they needed was a working system that allowed for indexing, annotations, and bundling. While searching for a solution, Fairway met with a peer mortgage company, an Axacore customer who recommended XDOC with high regards.

Fairway contacted Axacore to get further product information on how XDOC could enable optimized communication throughout their branches and integrate with their current LOS. Using XDOC’s customizable settings, Axacore gave Fairway what they needed: a solid imaging platform that allowed users to upload and index existing documents. Additionally, XDOC is browser based, allowing Fairway employees to access documents from all over the country.


With Axacore’s help, Fairway was finally able to manage and index files with XDOC’s interactive interface. Once XDOC was implemented in their offices nationwide, DeBroux says, “we saw immediate time and money savings… we have saved a lot of trees!”

Fairway is now printing 50% less than before, communicating more efficiently between branches and corporate offices, and seamlessly integrating documents from their previous system with XDOC.

“XDOC was the link between all our national locations and our corporate offices; our old documents and our new projects.” DeBroux says that XDOC, “cuts 2.5 days out of the loan process. In this industry 2.5 days is golden!”

Thanks to XDOC, Fairway Independent Mortgage employees can continue to provide stellar customer service using a tailored system and in less time.

“XDOC took us to the next level!”


Axacore is a core technology provider of faxing and document imaging solutions. Axacore develops solutions that help organizations streamline paper-intensive business processes and automate the flow of documents to team members, customers, partners and vendors. For more information, please visit us at axacore.com or 1.858.427.4301.