Powerhouse Gym

The Company

Powerhouse Gym, founded in 1975, is the one of the largest health club organizations with over 300 licenses worldwide. They are distinguished by their unsurpassed motivating atmosphere, knowledgeable
staff and premier exercise equipment, which supports their members in meeting their individual fitness goals. Powerhouse prides themselves on the service that they provide to their members with a sense of friendliness, individual pride and company spirit.

The Challenge

As their business began to take off and the number of clients increased, Powerhouse faced the challenge of managing all of the documents that came along with that growth. They began running out room for the file cabinets necessary to store and organize the documents of document storage room due to the limited office space at the gym. There was more time required to file the variety of documents involved in membership and even more time attempting to retrieve them quickly.

Ian Weinberg, manager of the San Diego fitness center, saw the need of being able to quickly access his members’ accounts. “How much did they originally sign up for? What was the emergency contact number they wrote down? What was the exact date they wanted to cancel their account? These are all examples of questions that would come up on a daily basis causing my staff members to spend their time sifting through files to retrieve the appropriate document.” Often, members would call in and say they did not owe dues, and if Powerhouse could not find the document to prove it, they lost money.

Powerhouse Gym wanted all their contracts and other membership documents online, easy to access, in order to save time and money. After researching their options, they chose Axacore’s product, XDOC.

The Solution

Powerhouse Gym began using XDOC for their current and back filed documents and had access to all of their documents online, freeing up storage space at the gym and guaranteeing no more misplaced files. XDOC is intuitive and easy to use, so the training was fast and simple. Now, when they need a document, it is available to them immediately.

“I can easily answer all of the common member questions and more within seconds.” Weinberg states. “I simply log into my account, type in the first and last name of the member whose account info I need, and Presto! Every piece of paper and/or contract with the members name on it appears online for me to scroll through, print out if need be, and most importantly, be informed.”

The Results

The results are simple. XDOC helps save Powerhouse Gym time, space and money. Time is saved by not wasting employees’ valuable time searching through files. Space was saved in a recent remodel when the Gym was able to reclaim space previously used for file cabinets to install more equipment. Money is saved in many ways, but mainly with being able to prove contract disputes and collecting members’ dues.

“I can’t tell you how many contract disputes get settled when I can print out their original contract with their name and signature right on it. They just don’t expect us to have access to it so many years later,” said Weinberg. “Overall it makes my job easier by saving me time and energy, allowing me to focus on more important things then digging through a filing cabinet.

For More Information

Axacore is a core technology provider of faxing and document imaging solutions. Axacore develops solutions that help organizations streamline paper-intensive business processes and automate the flow of documents to team members, customers, partners and vendors. For more information, please visit us at www.axacore.com or 1.858.427.4301.