Headquartered in Plano, Texas, with a dozen branch offices and 285 employees, WR Starkey Mortgage is a rapidly growing, vibrant and focused loan origination and servicing company. Their goal is to make the seemingly daunting mortgage financing process easy and enjoyable for their customers. WR Starkey understands that their clients want a hassle-free loan process, low rates, and confidence their loan is progressing as quickly as possible. Clients find that WR Starkey is one of the most technologically advanced originators in the business, resulting in enjoyable and speedy processing, underwriting and closing. Technology is a large portion of their focus now and into the future.


Due to their rapid success, WR Starkey began to expand and open branch offices nationwide. As the number of loans being originated increased, the number of documents in this paper intensive process increased as well. They had reached the point where there was not enough space to store documents on site and storing documents off site added a considerable amount of time to their process. When a closer or underwriter at a different branch office needed to see a document, it needed to be sent overnight, which became costly and, once again added time to their process.

WR Starkey knew there was a need to utilize current technology to cut costs, streamline their efficient process, and continue to give their clients the assurance that their loan is progressing as quickly as possible.


WR Starkey first used Alchemy in their attempts to move to a more paperless system. This program quickly became outdated, and without a fax solution or any mortgage specific options, it was not meeting their needs. When they began to research other options, they found the same issues as many other companies do. Prices were high, the product required several weeks of integration and training, and it wasn’t targeted to the industry.

As the industry began to embrace the idea of the electronic delivery of documents, WR Starkey sought out a web based document management system containing a fax solution. What they found was Axacore’s XDOC and FaxAgent. By integrating these two products into their current workflow system, WR Starkey allowed over 200 employees to easily view, send, and receive documents throughout their branch offices.

Senior Vice President Bill Burke stated, “XDOC easily integrated with our existing backend loan processing system and had the mortgage specific options that we were looking for. I was also impressed with FaxAgent. It has great options, it’s easy to use, and its all web based. We are very pleased.”


Today, with the help of XDOC and FaxAgent, WR Starkey has successfully processed 7,000 loans in the past year. With the implementation of these products, they are able to process more loans in an efficient manner. After the loan documents are scanned into XDOC or a fax has been received, a notification is sent to the appropriate person, allowing the next step to happen without delay. The loan originators, processors, and closers can view the files they need and quickly determine if a document is missing or if further information is needed, shaving days off the underwriting. Loan investors can view the documents online or print from XDOC, cutting out the need for shipping the documents.

“XDOC is a huge time saver,” Bill said. “It gives a lot of flexibility with how we do business. The support has been fantastic and Axacore is always extremely responsive.”


Axacore is a core technology provider of faxing and document imaging solutions. Axacore develops solutions that help organizations streamline paper-intensive business processes and automate the flow of documents to team members, customers, partners and vendors. For more information, please visit us at or 1.858.427.4301.