Fax may not be your primary offering, but without a solid offering, it can hinder your business. Axacore takes the guesswork out of building out your fax component. Whether you are a top tier provider looking to scale or just launching your fax offering…we want to be invested in your success.


What this program really does is remove the guesswork from the fax side of your business. You know that growth requires investment. But those costs are not usually fixed. Instead of trying to figure out things like:

  • Will I need to hire a Network Administrator?
  • How much additional rack space will I need next year?
  • How many port licenses will I need to buy?
  • How much will my support cost go up?
  • Am I redundant?

This partnership removes those variables and keeps your cost a derivative of sales. Keep your cost a fixed percentage of sales. Put the burden of fax on a team who has been dealing with fax for nearly 2 decades.


Axacore is the backbone of several top tier Service Providers whose fax offerings consistently rank among the top in the industry. Some of the largest mortgage and collection companies in the country rely on Axacore solutions. HP Global, the largest manufacturer of multifunction printers and fax machines, tests their equipment with Axacore solutions.


Partnership: This isn’t just a wholesaler/retailer program. We are truly vested in your success. You want to grow and this program puts a partner in your corner that is continually motivated to help you achieve your goals.

Technology: We are known in the industry for delivering the most advanced and reliable fax technology for today’s users. We are constantly developing innovative tools and product updates based on feedback from our clients and partners. As an Alliance Partner, you have first access to new releases.

Scalability: It’s simple. Providers that are looking to grow need to have a rock solid fax solution that is scalable. This program is designed for true growth. We give access to a virtually unlimited number of ports and we carry the burden of redundancy and uptime.
Support. Our Alliance Partners have access to extended support hours and take priority in support. Your business concerns become our business concerns.

Experience: Axacore is the expert in the Fax over IP business. We are the backbone of some of the largest and highest-rated fax providers in the market. In this program, you can essentially hand over the fax side of your business to professionals who have helped companies of all sizes scale and successfully grow their fax component. In most cases, this can be done for less than what it would cost to hire a network administrator.

Cost: Building out the technology infrastructure to offer a proper fax solution can be cost intensive. Minimize your upfront capital expenditure. With this program, you pay for what you use. In other words, keeping your cost a derivative of sales can lessen your business risk and allows you to focus on other critical areas of your business.