FaxAgent in the real world.

Whenever I send a fax, I also have to call to make sure it was received. Is there a more efficient way to work?

With FaxAgent, you can kiss that traditional (and unreliable) fax machine goodbye. You can send and receive your faxes from any electronic device.


How can we bring our hosted fax solution in-house?

How professional does it look to have another company’s logo at the top of your fax pages? FaxAgent comes configured and ready to use. There is no software or operating system so it’s as easy to add as the fax component of your phone system.


How can we be better prepared for
HIPPA compliance?

Every fax sent and received on FaxAgent is retained and searchable, so if you have to find it again, you can.


The faxes we receive are vital to our underwriting files. Is there a reporting system that tracks all faxes being sent and received?

You can monitor real-time reporting on every fax received and sent.


Will we have to purchase a new fax system if our company doubles in size this year?

FaxAgent is built to scale. FaxAgent systems can be configured to send faxes directly over any IP-enabled network. You can dramatically reduce costs. And you can have an unlimited amount of users. Are you sold? We thought so.


As a carrier, we want to offer FaxAgent as a fax component for our clients. Is it possible to rebrand?

Carriers will be glad to know that the FaxAgent web interface is completely rebrandable. Co-brand or integrate fax solutions into industry-standard products.


Can we send faxes via email?

Yes, with FaxAgent you can send and receive faxes via email. You’ll save time, you’ll save money, and you’ll save the lives of trees.