Axacore unveils the latest version of their flagship Electronic Document Management Platform


Axacore customers and partners packed the Liberty Station Conference center in San Diego last week for Axacore’s annual Boot Camp. Attendees who were looking to get a sneak peek of Axacore’s upcoming release, were not disappointed.

Axacore unveiled their upcoming version of their flagship Electronic Document Management Platform. The new version includes a completely new user interface and significant underlying technology overhauls that support a list of new features, functionality and performance enhancements. Not only do these updates satisfy the needs of today’s customers, they pave the way for rapid development and deployment of new, innovative features that will allow Axacore to maintain their position as the leading provider of Integrated Electronic Document Management solutions to mortgage lenders and partners.

“Axacore has been providing cutting edge EDM products for almost two decades. Their products are solid and proven yet allow us the flexibility to do business the way that we want to,” said Melissa Fuller, Technology Analyst at Prime Lending. “We have relied on Axacore for many years and are very excited to get our hands on their latest release,” added Fuller.

“In today’s market, change is constant. A solid and flexible foundation built on the latest technologies is paramount to offering our customers what they need today and in to the future,” said Steve DeBlasio, VP Business Development at Axacore.

In addition to the base product overhaul, Axacore also previewed their new form identification module. This new workflow component will provide lightning fast and accurate form identification and indexing. This module will complement existing indexing options already in the product. “Our focus from day one has been to provide a solution that is very fast and minimizes the false positive results that plague other systems in the market. Our form identification module will deliver this,” said Nick Basil CTO.

Attendees were also made aware of several new integration partners that Axacore is working with that will provide users greater flexibility and control of documents being received from or delivered to service providers and customers. “Documents are the center of any mortgage transaction. Having a solution that integrates with a lenders LOS and service providers without departmental silos is critical to a lenders survival. Whether providing lenders end to end platforms or working with OEM partners and system integrators, our new platform will without doubt change the face of Mortgage Document Management,” said DeBlasio

About Axacore

Axacore, based in San Diego, has been helping organizations streamline paper-intensive business processes and automate the flow of documents to team members, customers, partners and vendors since 1996. Axacore’s products have won numerous awards and accolades for their scalability, flexibility and ease of use. The solutions are distributed worldwide through a network of system integrators, OEM providers and direct sales delivering solutions to a broad range of industries and organizations of all sizes.