Become a workflow genius with XDOC


As we gear up for MBA Tech 15, (have you registered yet?) we thought we would show you what we’ve been cooking before we get there. While we realize this is a bit early considering the conference isn’t until the end of the month (visit us at booth #209!), but we’re brimming with excitement to show you.

Without further delay, we are thrilled to announce that the all new XDOC is coming! Our newest baby to the Scrypt/Axacore family. For years, we’ve brought this leading electronic document software to offices all over the country allowing them to instantly capture, index, manage, search and even deliver documents securely. XDOC has helped companies track, store, share and secure documents of all kinds, and we aren’t about to slow down that process.

While we aren’t able to give you back the hour of sleep you gave up with our spring forward time change, we hope the announcement of a newer, better XDOC can summon up some excitement. With redesigned user interfaces, getting into your workflow groove in an organized manner has never been more fresh, more new, more mobile aware. Yes, mobile aware!

We understand and value the importance of your time, so we’ve come up with a few ways to give you back some of your time spent on the not so fun stuff. We are cutting down on load times, and bringing clarity enhancements for significant imaging library performance improvements. Say goodbye to rendering (document capture) bottlenecking and hello to large file upload streaming. We’ve made searching and filtering much easier with document “tags” that easily identify documents based on definable tags that you input.

We also wanted to make it easier to allow you to be in the driver’s seat of your document management. Our new and improved component panels throughout each viewer section allows you to have better control of the screen and allows you to select a view to your preference. Our redesigned annotation layer graphics are also a welcome change to the user eye and are much easier to identify–not to mention better looking!

Our newer, better XDOC isn’t saying goodbye to the things that made XDOC awesome. We’re still cooking up superior service and support, simple LOS integration, advanced barcode stacking that allows multi doc prep vendors and the ability to control granularity of indexing in addition to several other things that have our customers brimming with happy workflows. We’re just adding onto these features that made us a leading choice for document management in the first place. You asked, we listened and thus, an all new XDOC was born. Welcome to the world, we’re proud to have made you, now go show the world how awesome you are.