Axacore has been providing state of the art, flexible solutions since 1996. Axacore’s products have been proven at hundreds of organizations nationwide through our network of OEM partners and direct distribution. Axacore’s products have become the standard by which all Electronic Document Management solutions are judged.

Axacore’s OEM Alliance Program offers software vendors an opportunity to accelerate time-to-market and deliver leading document management products with a strong competitive edge by embedding Axacore’s technology into core applications. Here are just a few of the issues a software product company must address:

  • Software design and development is expensive and time consuming
  • Clients may or may not respond positively to the final product
  • The competitive market moves quickly and product feature and function requirements change rapidly

Axacore’s Alliance Program enables the integration of cost-effective, industry standard electronic document management products to complement core office systems, without the investment in research and development. OEM partners can package and sell Axacore’s EDM
solution as a single solution, providing high-value, well-tested, out-of-the-box products to customers, thereby expanding market share and reach and ensuring growth and success.


  • Provides product bundling opportunities with world-class proven EDM products
  • Eliminates research, design and development costs and lengthy time-to-market
  • Ensures access to proven, tested software products
  • Ensures continuous product investment and evolution to satisfy the market and client requirements
  • Offers product integration and other technical or functional support
  • Allows the OEM partner to focus on its core competencies


  • Aggressive revenue sharing
  • Flexible, customized programs that fit your business model
  • Partners can leverage robust, proven products and Axacore’s market reputation
  • Axacore Alliance programs are designed for mutual and synergistic growth, thereby encouraging the continued commitment and effort of both parties
  • By leveraging the Alliance Program, both Axacore and its OEM Alliance partners can strengthen their market positions and engender continued business success

We seek to partner with organizations that share our values of Commitment, Trust, Community and Passion. If your organization shares these values, contact Axacore to find out more about our Alliance Program opportunities.