XDOC. Document Management for Mortgage Lending

Simplifying lender workflows.


XDOC. Created for Mortgage Lending.

Designed for the rigors of lending, XDOC is a powerful cloud-based electronic document management (EDM) platform that helps lenders capture, manage, classify, and deliver loan documents. XDOC eases the complexities of today’s lending landscape.


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How can XDOC benefit you?

Reduce Costs

Rising costs to originate? Reduce loan processing expenses with XDOC. Find documents in an instant.

Save Time

Save time by improving workflows, reducing paper and making documents accessible with a simple search.

Improve Collaboration

The ability to efficiently and securely collect, review, and share documents and data is essential to success.

Integration Made Easy

Unlock compliance, security, and workflow features not afforded by stand-alone systems.

Security & protection are in our DNA.

You're in good company.

Thousands rely on XDOC to simplify their workflow.

XDOC has allowed us to gain efficiencies that would not have been possible with paper files...XDOC proved to have all of the features we needed.

-Jerry Schiano, President / CEO | NewPenn Financial