XDOC allows you the flexibility to do your business, your way.

XDOC puts you in control. Our dynamic capture features handle any type of document – scan, upload, print, email and fax. You can configure file structure and workflow. You can define document types and field indexes. Keeping versions straight is a whole lot easier with document history.


Easy integration.

Now all your applications can play nicely together. Whether you need a simple database integration or advanced integration using our powerful APIs, we have you covered. You can seamlessly integrate our document management features and user interfaces into your existing applications and processes.


Superior imaging for more control.

Say good-bye to piles of paper. With our advanced imaging feature, you can view documents from anywhere, anytime, with full document display functionality via a web browser. A multi-layered annotation feature lets multiple employees review and notate a document simultaneously. Extensive post-processing improves document readability without altering the original document.


Be compliance and DRP ready.

Compliance is a way of doing business, not something to be feared. Automated document backup? Check. Audit tracking? Check. Document access control? Check. The peace of mind that comes with the highest up times? Check.


No growing pains.

XDOC can grow with the needs of your company so you don’t have to go through the hassle and expense of installing a new system. How do we do it? Near linear scalability across multiple load-balanced websites. The distribution of computer-intensive processes to make the most of the hardware you have. Storage model archives documents across multiple services and storage arrays. And open standards architecture to make it easy to update or add components to your system.


Web simple.

XDOC takes advantage of that great innovation called the Internet to allow you instant access to all documents and administrative controls from any web browser using customizable user interfaces. Collaboration with business partners is as simple as allowing access to required information and documents.


Lower cost.

We offer you the most powerful technology without a complicated pricing system. It’s an easy, cost-effective implementation through a modern, standards-based approach. Our flexible pricing and deployment options will fit your way of doing things.