We are drowning in paper. Help!

No problem. Help is what we do! XDOC will revolutionize your workflow. XDOC intelligently captures and indexes documents of any kind – faxes, emails, PDFs, TIFFs, JPGs and of course paper. You can dynamically organize and categorize them anyway you want. Smart
querying makes locating any document a breeze. You’ll save headaches, money, time, space and even trees.


Five people have to physically review a document. It will take days! How can we speed up
the process?

XDOC saves the day (or night) in situations like this. Eliminate waiting for documents. Multiple users can access, review, annotate, highlight and stamp documents via standard browser interfaces at home, in the office or on the road – day or night. Versioning is easier than ever with document history.


I had to tell a client I didn’t have the file in front of me and had
to call them back. How can I
avoid this?

XDOC categorizes and organizes all of your documents. With your documents automatically classified and routed, locating them is only a quick search away. No more lost documents due to manual file errors. No more schlepping to the file room! What will you do with all the time
you save?


Our company is growing. Will we need to change our EDM system down the road?

XDOC is designed for all organizations that hate paper – small to large, and everywhere in between. XDOC is easily scalable, saving you the expense and headaches of changing document solutions every few years. Enjoy growth with near linear scalability across multiple load balanced server nodes, simply add storage, or turn up addition image processing services. Did we mention it’s also cheaper than purchasing fire resistant file cabinets. And because XDOC is built on open standards based architecture, if your processes change, XDOC can easily evolve with you!


How can we encourage departments and external partners to really collaborate?

XDOC makes it easy to share data and insights across departments. When you don’t have to rely on paper, it’s much easier to collaborate. You can send documents in many formats – TIFF, PDF, XML, MISMO smart doc, etc. – across any email, SFTP, HTTP and or fax. You can specify who receives access to what type of documents. And because employees can access documents from any standard web browser, remote employees and branch offices can work seamlessly with all departments.


Compliance. That word strikes terror in our hearts. Is there a way to be ready?

First of all, we think of compliance as a process and not an event. With XDOC, you can too. XDOC incorporates security and compliance-friendly processes right into the workflow. Paper creates risks and so does electronic data. XDOC helps eliminate those risks. In case of a crisis, automated disaster support makes recovering lost data easier. Audit tracking and highly configurable document control make it easier to find those documents that you need. You can share documents with colleagues with peace of mind because you control the security settings.


As a financial services company, we need to ensure the security of our clients’ personal financial data.

Your clients trust you, and you can trust XDOC to keep your clients’ data secure. You can configure user-, file- and document-level security including multi-layered user and document permissions. XDOC supports HTTPS, SSL and all standard Internet security protocols. Automated archiving of documents with metadata to backup storage devices will give you additional peace of mind.